Environmental Statement At Connemara Converting we incorporate an active environmental policy into our management strategy. The nature of our business is intrinsically environmentally friendly as we store and convert locally reducing the amount of transport required for distribution.

Our modern premises conform to the latest recommended insulation standards. Our location is conveniently positioned close to the freeway network to reduce the impact we make on residential suburbs.

We try wherever possible to reduce the impact of the packaging materials essential to deliver our products in perfect order. Our packaging design incorporates wooden skids which we collect for reuse, top boards and corner protectors made from recycled paper and finally stretch film which is a valuable recycled resource brining an income for the end user. Modern lighting reduces our power costs while providing a good working environment for our staff.

Our most recent machinery purchase, a high-speed precision sheeter incorporates a modern drive system that uses small and efficient motors resulting in lower power consumption.

We realize that the task for environmental efficiency is on going and we welcome any suggestions that could provide further improvements to our status.

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